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Why is My Amazon in Spanish? | 2022 Ultimate Guide

So here’s what happened the other day. I logged in to my Amazon account to browse a new pair of shoes and BAM! The homepage opened in a completely different language. After searching for a few words on Google, I came to realize that the language was Spanish. It left me wondering to myself, “ Everything was in English the last time I was on, so why is my Amazon in Spanish all of a sudden?”

Although English is the official language of Amazon, guests and existing customers have the freedom to pick

What Is Total Productive Maintenance? | 2022 Benefits & Implementation

Facility managers consider factors like maintenance, dependability and operations to ensure excellent production conditions. However, this is easier said than done. Total productive maintenance makes this possible and CMMS software can help.

A Senseye study of major industrial firms finds that large facilities lose 27 hours a month to machine failures, on average, at the cost of $532,000 for each hour of unplanned downtime.

Considering these whopping numbers, we’ll attempt to understand the im

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